Current Projects

Past Projects

  • Paisley Caves (35LK3400)

This is the oldest archaeological site in Oregon, and the identification and analysis of insects has been going on since 2013. We've investigated human and animal parasites, subsistence practices, coprolites, and hope to soon compare the insect remains from this site with other Great Basin rock shelter sites.

  • Meier & Cathlapotle (35CO5, 45CL1)

Two sites making up a single Chinookan plankhouse (Meier) and a small village of houses (Cathlapotle), both in the Portland Basin. Archaeoentomological investigations are ongoing into the insect remains from the storage pits underneath the houses to possibly investigate what was stored in them.

  • Ross Lake Reservoir (45WH239)

  • Elwha River Rock shelter (45CA630)

  • SR-520 Bridge Replacement Project

  • US Army NCO Barracks Privy, Fort Vancouver NHS (45CL162)

  • English Camp Garrison Site, San Juan NHP (45SJ25)

  • The Dalles, Chinatown (35WS453)