Prehistoric Bed Bugs!

We've recently published a paper in the Journal of Medical Entomology regarding the remains of Cimicidae (the family that includes the common bed bug) recovered from Paisley Caves.

This research has received some media attention:

    ABC News                 ScienceDaily

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Adams, Martin E., and Dennis L. Jenkins  (2017)

An Early Holocene Record of Cimex (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) from Western North America.  Journal of Medical Entomology 54(4): 934-944.


Hockett, Bryan, Martin E. Adams, Patrick M. Lubinski, Virginia L. Butler, and Dennis L. Jenkins  (2017)

Late Pleistocene Subsistence in the Great Basin:  Younger Dryas-aged Faunal Remains from the Botanical Lens, Paisley Cave 2, Oregon.  Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 13: 565-576.

Adams, Martin E., and Dennis L. Jenkins

Were the Occupants of Paisley Caves Plagued by Bed Bugs?   *** IN PROGRESS ***

Adams, Martin E.

Early Holocene Remains of Hydrophilus triangularis Say (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) from a Western Oregon Coprolite.   *** IN PROGRESS ***